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As smart as we human beings are as a species, we're also kind of dumb. That’s because we tend to get ourselves into perilous situations even though we know better.

Climate change is one such issue. Sure, over the course of hundreds of millions of years, without any human intervention, the climate fluctuated dramatically on its own and probably will into eternity - whatever that is.

But then just a few hundred thousand years ago, intelligent life found a window to emerge through multiple quirks in the evolutionary process at a time when our climate was friendly, and now here we are.

We took to burning fossil fuels to stay warm because it was simple, cheap, and easy - until it wasn’t - but we persisted anyway.

Now the heat we’ve artificially created has hastened the closing of that life sustaining window when it didn’t really have to be that way.

But hey, maybe climate geo-engineering, like the construction of gigantic floating shades weighing millions of tons to block out the suns rays will give humanity an extension. And the cost….?

Yup, sun shields are actually being considered.

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