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Last week West Virginia University proposed to slash its budget by eliminating 169 faculty positions and 30 degree programs. The state has the 4th highest poverty rate in the country.

Colleges all across America, especially in poorer states, are suffering from an assault on the right which often views higher education with disdain, even though many of those legislators leading the charge have degrees from elite schools.

Sadly the programs this school and others plan to cut are largely in the arts and humanities, which in my opinion are the very heart and soul of the human experience.

Imagine a world without music, art, or literature….

More and more people would become “listless vessels” as Ron DeSantis aptly describes some voters, less able to find joy in learning and discovery, which are two crucial elements in our ability to come together, find compassion, and grow as a nation.

Instead our thinking is becoming shallower, our empathy for others is being compromised, our morals are being eroded, and our inability to discern is being destroyed.

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