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WE'RE IN CHARGE NOW....11/11/23

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is an influential network of religious zealots engaged in “spiritual warfare” who’s goal is to assume control of United States government (and eventually the world) by re-writing the Constitution, and by placing only right-wing Christians in positions of power.

Their structure includes prophets, who are the visionaries, and apostles who are anointed and who would implement the prophets’ ideas - all based on End Times philosophy.

To them, church is no longer a place where you go each Sunday for inspiration, but rather a place to root out and excise “demons” who now control the levers of power.

Although there are now millions of adherents to this goal, mostly from the Republican Party, one of the more prominent believers is Doug Mastriano, a Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate in the 2022 election who accused Nancy Pelosi of drinking children’s blood.

Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the House, is now displaying a flag associated with the NAR outside his office in the Capital.

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