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WE'RE LOSING IT....3/28/23

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Many of us have become unsettled in the last few years by the pandemic, rising prices, the insurrection, Donald Trump's turbulent presidency and post presidency, our venomous social media, and more. A startling new Wall Street Journal-NORC poll paints a bleak picture and illustrates how bad things really are.

- 4 years ago, tolerance for others was regarded as a critical component by Americans. Today only 58% think this is.

- When asked to describe the state of the nation's economy, 1% of the respondents chose "excellent".

- 56% said that a 4 year college degree is not worth it anymore because of the high cost and the risk of a lifetime of debt.

- 33% have little or no confidence in our public schools.

Then to illustrate how things have really changed in the last 25 years, get this:

- The importance of Patriotism dropped from 70% to 38%

- The importance of Religion dropped from 62% to 39%

- The importance of having kids dropped from 59% to 30%

- The importance of community involvement dropped from 47% to 27%

- The importance of money rose from 31% to 43%

If these figures are even close to being correct, we are on our way to losing the Soul of our Nation.

Oh, one more least 57 people have been killed and133 more were injured in 38 mass shootings just this month in the United States.

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