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WHAT IF?....5/7/23

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

We all know the press is shrill, and the shriller it gets, the more money it makes because people love watching train wrecks and can’t take their eyes off the carnage. Oftentimes the worst doesn’t pan out, but sometimes it does and that’s when the alarmists say….see, I told you so!

Will North Korea nuke South Korea? Will we go to war with China over Taiwan? Will we go to war with each other? Will the American Southwest run out of water? Will Trump become president again? Will the United States default on its debt?

Let’s say the last one happens in a few short weeks. Every journalist, opinion maker, economist, political pundit, and businessperson says that this would be bad - really bad.

Supposedly 200,000 to 500,000 jobs would be lost within a week, the stock market would lose half its value, the social safety net would collapse, and perhaps the scariest of all, our adversaries would take advantage of our weakness and git while the gittin’s good.

We were warned ahead of time that terrorists were planning to fly planes into tall buildings and that a global pandemic was right around the corner but we never thought these things would actually happen.

They did.

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