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WHAT IF ?....3/21/23

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The press loves to speculate about issues and often tries to suggest the most scary, alarming, horrifying, and shocking outcomes of any situation imaginable. They’re like a panting Golden Retriever with saliva dripping off its long tongue while staring at a chunk of meat.

The last couple of days have been among the newsiest but yet non-newsiest in a long time. Will Bragg indict Trump? Will DeSantis extradite him if the former president digs in his heels and decides not to go to New York for fingerprinting and a mug shot? Did DeSantis really sexually assault a teenage boy as Trump suggested? Will Dominion win its lawsuit over Fox News? Will the infighting at Fox and also within the Republican Party bring them both down? Are the rest of the banks going to fail? Will there be a recession? Does the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change mean that we’re doomed?

What’s noteworthy is that a lot of the things that the media predicts do come to pass. They just love to tell us about them ahead of time.

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