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Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, made the news recently when he announced he was moving from Seattle to Miami to be closer to his parents.

So where did they land? Bezos and his fiancée purchased a 7 bedroom, 14 bath mansion on prestigious Indian Creek Island for a whopping $79 million.

He already owned a $68 million spread next to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump that he plans to bulldoze and rebuild.

In addition to his new digs, Bezos reportedly owns:

- 5 floors in an exclusive building overlooking Madison Square Park in New York City

- A 14 acre waterfront estate in Maui

- A tony 27,000 square foot house in Washington, DC - plus the place across the street

- The $165 million Harry Warner Estate in Beverly Hills - plus another one down the road

- A 30,000 acre ranch in Texas with a rocket launch pad

- Two waterfront spreads in Bill Gates’ neighborhood in Medina, WA

- A $500 million yacht

Bezos is one of 81 billionaires with more wealth than half of the world’s population

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Something is wrong when one person can accumulate so much wealth when so many have so little.

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