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WHERE'S MY BOOK?....10/7/23

In 1971, the FCC issued an order to broadcasters to stop airing songs that “promote or glorify the use of illegal drugs."

Consequently John Denver’s song, “Rocky Mountain High” was banned by many radio stations, even though the “high” Denver refers to in the song had to do with being inspired by the majesty of the mountains, and not pot.

It seems that very little has changed in 50 years - at least not in Duval County, Florida where 176 books have recently been banned from library shelves.

Included is “Dash” a book by Washington author Kirby Larson that tells the story of a little girl who was sent with her family to a Japanese internment camp during World War II, and who wanted to take her dog, Dash with her.

The story goes on to describe the shameful way people with a different heritage were treated here in this country, but apparently that was too much for the authorities who want to rewrite history, led by Florida governor and presidential candidate, Ron DeSantis.

Since his campaign began, 695 books have been officially challenged that are now under review throughout the US.

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