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Imagine losing your right arm and your left leg in a bomb blast that killed almost 200 people, and then spending months in the hospital undergoing 49 surgeries to repair the damage.

That's what happened to 25 year old Marine Sergeant Tyler Vargas-Andrews during the final stage of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

A physical fitness buff and the son of a single mother of 3 who worked her way through law school, Vargas-Andrews was well equipped to handle the ordeal, but still….

He decided not to become a victim and has since run several marathons on this prosthetic leg, has become certified in scuba diving, and plans to start a company to help other disabled amputees positively move on with their lives.

So the next time the lawn mower doesn’t start, or I cut my thumb with a chisel, or I smash my head on a low beam, I’ll try to think of that young Marine who’s body was shredded by ball bearings causing his guts to fall out, and waking up a week later with 2 limbs missing....

….and then try to remember that things could always be worse.

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