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The term, “stay woke” originated in the Black community and has been used for about 10 years as a basic survival technique when interacting with white people, especially the police.

But then conservatives hijacked the word “woke” and began applying it to those with progressive ideologies and others who are committed to social justice. If this is what it means, I'm proud to be one of them.

Ron DeSantis loves the word and used it 5 times in 19 seconds in a recent speech, denigrating those he doesn’t agree with.

To take things a step further, Greg Kelly, an anchor at the ultra-right Newsmax organization, used the word “woke” while trivializing the recent smoke in the air from the wildfires in Canada, and then went on to say it had a “pleasant odor” and was “pretty”. Now there’s a real man for you….

Since our country is now so evenly divided between the left and the right, if half of us are “woke”, then is the other half asleep?

It seems so.

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