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A BROKEN MAN....7/9/23

I’ve been known to let loose a blue streak on occasion, especially if I stub my toe or hit my head on a low beam, or particularly when I get wrapped around the axle when talking about our former president.

I’ve probably uttered the phrase, “F***Trump more than once in the last few years, but mostly it’s been under my breath when reading an article about another outrageous act The Donald has committed, or another statement he’s made that defies credulity.

But I’m not running for president.

So when the former Commander In Chief posted a meme on his Truth Social site (on Independence Day, no less) that showed a waving flag with the words, “F*** Biden and f*** you for voting for him” on it, the world cringed. His jealousy and outrage went viral…..again.

What kind of a person with such “stature” would do this? No presidential candidate in history has ever stooped so low, but yet fully one third of the country still supports this man despite his vindictive, venomous, and childish behavior.

It’s quite sad, really….

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