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A CLOSE CALL....5/28/23

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

In 2013, the Iowa Legislature voted to allow school boards across the state to authorize teachers and support staff to carry weapons on school grounds and in classrooms to help “prevent school shootings”.

9 years later the school boards of 2 Iowa districts, Cherokee and Spirit Lake, took up the challenge and voted to arm their staff members, even though the law enforcement community was dead set against the idea.

But they forgot one thing.

The insurance company covering liability for the schools would have nothing to do with it, and cancelled their policies.

The board members are now desperately shopping for insurance for the coming school year, but are unlikely to come with any, which means guns will likely stay out of the classrooms for the foreseeable future.

Insurance companies are in the actuary business and they know precisely that the number of guns in a concentrated area is directly related to the number of accidental deaths.

It’s not only common sense - it’s statistics as well.

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