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Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Shannon Brandt and Cayler Ellingson got into an argument at Bucks n Doe’s Bar & Grill in a small town in North Dakota a few weeks before the last election. Tragically Ellingson died soon after Brandt ran over him with his vehicle after the bar closed. There were no witnesses.

One of the officers on the scene that night misinterpreted what the intoxicated Brandt told him that night, and reported that the pedestrian victim was part of a “Republican extremist group”. This was false. A subsequent investigation proved right away the killing was not politically motivated.

That didn’t stop Donald Trump from writing on his social medial platform that Ellingson died at the hands of a “deranged Democrat maniac who was angry that Cayler was a Republican”, nor did it stop Marjorie Taylor Greene from calling Brandt a “Democrat Political Terrorist”, and then going on to say that “Democrats want Republicans dead, and they’ve already started the killings.”

She also posted a clip of President Biden referencing “extreme MAGA Republicans,” and added that Mr. Ellingson was “executed in cold blood by a Democrat political terrorist because of rhetoric like this."

Fox News joined the chorus with Jeanine Pirro saying, “This is a guy who intended to kill an18-year-old Republican because he was a Republican.”

This is just one example of the dangerous hysteria that now pervades the airwaves and social media.

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