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“Hey Clarence, this is Richard Sackler! This is a message for you and your buddies up there at the Supreme Court. You all talked about us yesterday.

You know, me and my family already had to cough up $6 billion to give to people who said their loved ones died from our drug, OxyContin.

So what if claims against us already top $40 trillion.

We knew they were gettin' hooked and dyin' from Oxy, but hey, it made us a lot of money!

So we had to bankrupt the company to come up with the cash, but my brothers and sisters and all our kids - we ain’t gonna’ file ourselves ‘cause then they might take our money too!

But if you make us do that, they’ll have a hard time findin’ it - we already moved $11 billion out of the company and stashed it overseas.

I know you’ll do the right thing, Clarence. You always have….”

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