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DON'T TAKE MY BOOK....10/16/23

The Catcher in the Rye is one of the most banned books in public schools AND one of the most taught.

65 million copies of this 1951 novel by J.D. Salinger have been sold, with a million added each year.

Texas leads the country by far in its attempt to ban books with 93 challenges to 2,349 titles in 2022. Pennsylvania followed a distant second with 302 titles on the chopping block.

The city of Katy, a suburb of Houston, recently purchased $93,000 worth of new library books but were forced to put them in storage until the censors found time to look at them.

One of the books that was axed is called, “No, David”, which features a cartoon character jumping out of a bathtub, exposing his buttocks.

Another book about a crayon that lost its wrapper and was therefore deemed “naked” was also flagged.

What’s funny is that the more books are banned, the more they are likely to be sold and distributed.

Move On’s "Banned Bookmobile Tour" is currently on a multi-state drive and handing out banned books for free.

Take that, Texas....

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