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Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Republicans are threatening to not increase the debt ceiling limit in a few months when the government runs out of money. This is money that they themselves voted to spend that needs to be paid back. One of our very stupid laws forces them to vote on whether or not to pay our bills when they come due. It's like if I went to a restaurant, thanked the staff for the nice meal, and then said I wasn't going to pay for it and walked out.

Economists are predicting all sorts of terrible things if this happens - like people not getting their social security checks or food stamps, or like the military stops training its soldiers, or like everybody who works for the government simply goes home, or like everybody's savings vanishes overnight. Once that threshold is crossed, the Republicans and Democrats would start blaming each other while the country devolves into anarchy and chaos.

Yes, it could happen because this is what we've become as a country. The freaks on the right are ready to break things to make a point....

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