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GETTING EVEN....12/22/23

I’ve been accused of partisanship in the past, and having been a Democrat all my life, I’ll admit it can sometimes obstruct my view as to what’s happening on my side.

So a lot of talk has been made about how Trump will seek retribution against those he doesn’t like if he’s re-elected. He actually says it out loud.

But then there’s Democratic Senator Bob Menendez who is under indictment for corruption.

Yesterday before the Senate left for the Holidays, he placed the confirmation of 2 non-controversial nominees on hold - one as USDA undersecretary of Rural Development and another for a seat on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

Why? Because they fell under the authority of Agricultural Committee Chair and fellow Senator, Debbie Stabenow, who called for Menendez to resign after he was arrested for bribery.

I can just hear him muttering, “Take that, Debbie!”, as he prepares himself for a likely prison stay.

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