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GIMME THE JOB....10/24/23

Representative Tom Emmer from Minnesota is the leading candidate to be the next Speaker of the House having won a plurality on the first ballot cast by Republicans this morning after the demise of Jim Jordan last week.

As a former Minnesota State Representative, Emmer not only wanted to outlaw abortion in all instances with no exceptions, he also wanted to outlaw certain forms of contraception.

He worked vigorously to prevent same-sex marriage from becoming law, and at the same time worked to prevent an anti-bullying measure from being enacted against gay people.

The lawmaker also opposed the Violence Against Women Act.

Oh, and Mr. Emmer promoted bills to lessen the penalties for drunk driving even though he had been charged with 2 DUI’s in the past. There’s a lot more.

But even with all of this, the right is still against him.

Why? Because he’s 1 of 2 people running for Speaker who voted to certify the 2020 election and declare Biden the winner.

Think about that.

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