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Truth is a rare commodity in today’s political environment.

Mark Meadows, Donald Trump’s former Chief of Staff during the insurrection, has testified before a grand jury regarding events leading up to and during the uprising. His lawyer said that Meadows told the truth "where he had a legal obligation to do so".

This means that as the closest person to Trump on January 6th, he was likely given immunity from prosecution to testify against his former boss, and that testimony will likely be pivotal in holding the former president accountable. But Meadows had to be coerced.

Why would someone only tell the truth when there is a legal obligation? Isn't that simply the right thing to do?

Then there’s Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley who said recently that his committee members investigating Joe Biden for wrongdoing are “not interested in whether the accusations are accurate”, essentially admitting that they're only out to smear the president.

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1 Kommentar

12. Juni 2023

I believe that our narcissistic, con artist, despot is incapable of discerning reality and truth.

However, the number of duped and conned believers who want more delusional kool-aid are even more pathetic. Is any con artist worth a civil war?

Trump will do anything and tell any lie to benefit Trump, including selling out our country, our life support systems, our resources, and our future, if he can make just one more buck.

If Trump’s loyal dupes think he will spare throwing them under his bus, they don’t realize there’s only room for Trump on his bus.

Gefällt mir
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