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IT'S HIS FAULT....8/22/23

Every time something bad happens….anything….right wing reporters on TV never pass up the opportunity to blame the other side.

So it was no surprise a few days ago when Fox News held Joe Biden responsible for the tropical storm that moved into the Southwest corner of the US.

“Hilary made landfall in Mexico several hours ago, but they let it right into the country because it’s Biden’s America”, the host crowed.

While the statement was preposterous and most likely stupid banter, (although no one laughed on the set), millions of Fox viewers probably filed the claim in their heads right next to the notion that the 2020 election was stolen, giving them even more reason to despise the President.

But then when a temblor arrived at about the same time, it was all too much for Christian conservative and Hallmark movie star, Candace Cameron Bure who had a different take altogether. She pleaded on X:

“5.0 earthquake and a hurricane. Can we all repent?! Please?!”

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