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Updated: Feb 23

At a gun show in Las Vegas last month, a company called WEE1 Tactical (get it? wee one meaning child) unveiled its first offering - an AR15 rifle for kids. It looks, works, and feels just like the AR15’s the big guys use.

That’s right - a genuine semi-automatic rifle designed for kindergartners. I guess the little shavers now need something to protect themselves from bullies on the playground - or if they get an overwhelming need to shoot their teacher if she makes them do their math.

“It fits the kids really well”, said Eric Schmidt, the founder of the company. The gun features a skull and crossbones etching on the side with a pacifier in the skull’s mouth.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the unripe child turned Congresswoman, suggested that the kids who were killed at the Uvalde, TX massacre should have all been armed with these JR-15s. “At least they could have defended themselves since no one else did”, she said.

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