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LOOK AT MY CUT....2/27/23

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Everybody has a story about their health - in fact have you ever noticed how much people LOVE talking about their ailments? People can go on for hours about how the mole on their groin has gotten larger and their internal debate about whether or not to have it removed. Oh, and if they had their druthers, they would drop their pants to show it to you. Or their scar from their operation. Somehow or another people really seem to think that others want to know all the gory details like how much blood was let during the procedure.

OK, so I catch myself sharing body stories too. That's what people do and some are better at it than others. I guess when someone is in constant and permanent pain or disabled in some way, it's good to give them a little slack since that IS their life and we should show a bit of empathy.

I’ve been lucky. Aside from the cancer I beat a few years ago (no more details), I have very little wrong with me. I've cut thousands of sheets of formaldehyde laden plywood in buildings with little or no ventilation and without a dusk mask, handled gallons of lacquer thinner with no gloves, used hundreds of pounds of powdered glue with a huge skull and crossbones on the drum - inhaling as I scooped it into a pail for mixing with water and then using it to glue laminate to substrates. One of my co-workers died of cancer in his 50's for doing the same thing. One more dumb thing I did - I listened to the screams of routers, table saws, planers, sanders, and every other electrical tool you can imagine - all without hearing protection, and that I'm paying for now by having to wear hearing aids.

Staying healthy involves taking care of oneself and I guess it's never too late. That's all well and good, but a big factor in living a long, healthy life is sheer luck and the best doctors in the world don't know how to beat those odds.

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