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MY PILLOW....10/14/23

Mike Lindell, or “The Pillow Guy” as he is sometimes referred to, is supposedly a devout follower of Jesus Christ.

The former crack addict attributes his recovery to his religious conversion, which is all fine and good. More power to him.

So Lindell built a successful empire from pillows by personally espousing the virtues of his sleep aids on TV and everything was fine.

But then he became born again….again….and began following another “savior” with as much zeal as his devotion to Christ. That “messiah” was Donald J. Trump.

Lindell has spent years, along with his own money, propping up the false narrative of the “stolen” 2020 election and is now deeply in debt, unable to pay his lawyers who have been defending him in multiple defamation suits.

He’s now willing to bankrupt his company, throwing hundreds of people out of work, if that’s what it takes to resurrect Trump.

This is what cults do to good people.

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