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The military is suffering from one of the greatest recruitment challenges of all time. A lot of young people are ineligible or simply don’t want to fight.

That’s why the armed forces are pulling out all the stops to get kids to step forward by offering as many perks as possible. One of those was issuing a new policy in February of paying for 3 weeks leave and the travel expenses for young women recruits who want to get an abortion if the service isn’t available in the state where they are serving.

Tommy Tuberville, the freshman Republican Senator from Alabama went ballistic and has blocked over 250 military promotions out of spite, saying he'll blockade every one of them until the Pentagon changes it mind. Now for the first time in 100 years, the U.S. Marine Corps is without a Senate confirmed commandant. Military leaders are saying our national security is at risk.

Fellow Republicans who are typically strong supporters of the military are outraged but can’t seem to do anything about it.

Meanwhile the Democrats are taking Tuberville and the entire Republican caucus to the cleaners over the issue.

Then to add insult to injury to the GOP, the rogue Senator claimed on national TV that "white nationalists" are not racists.

The blowback was intense and he was forced to walk back his claims.

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