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Each morning I get up, log in, and browse numerous publications in search of irony, folly, and hypocrisy, all of which are rampant in our system of government.

One of these is the issue illegal immigration.

The main reason why so many people are flocking to the United States (other than they simply want a better life) is because American businesses want and need "slave labor".

President Reagan tried unsuccessfully to punish employers who knowingly hired undocumented workers, but by the time his bill became law, it was so watered down by large agricultural interests, it was meaningless.

The solutions are obvious - either change the laws to make it easier for those fleeing persecution and severe poverty to come here legally (far more preferable)....OR if you don't believe in compassion, severely punish those who employ illegal immigrants. If there were no jobs to be had, they would stop coming.

So when Republicans blame Democrats or Democrats blame Republicans for not addressing illegal immigration, all they have to do is look in the mirror and ask themselves why.

The answer is clear.

"My constituents and my financial supporters depend on cheap labor to make bigger profits….AND I can use this issue as a cudgel to hammer my opponents."

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