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PRAY AWAY GAY....3/4/23

"Conversion Therapy" involves the long discredited notion that people can change from being a homosexual to becoming a heterosexual using a variety of techniques such as surgical or hormonal castration, electric shocks, drugs, hypnosis, counseling, psychoanalysis, and prayer among others.

Although still widely available, Conversion Therapy has been debunked by scientists and the medical community alike. In fact, a number of states and jurisdictions have outlawed the practice for minors and for good reason - it kills. The attempted suicide rate for young people who have gone through these programs is twice as high as it is for those who are allowed to be who they are.

It simply isn't possible to change the innate feelings of a person with a certain gender identity. It's as if someone came along and wanted to force me to be gay. It's as ludicrous as that.

So parents - if you want to risk offing your kid, send them to a pray-away-gay camp and see what you end up with. You may wish afterward that you would have just accepted who they were once they're gone.

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