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Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Donald Trump was and still is obsessed with settling scores no matter how trivial the slight. The backlash can be fast and furious if anyone crosses him, so most politicians live in fear of his wrath and bow down before him like pious little altar boys at Sunday mass. In truth, I think most of them hate his guts and regard him as a useful idiot except for a few sad, amoral boot-lickers with little self-esteem.

Congressional Republicans have learned well. The new "Santos Congress" is about to spend its entire 2 years investigating, castigating, bitching, moaning, and crying fake tears in an effort to gain the upper hand with the public, focusing on what has transpired before and not on what lies ahead.

The diabolical "politics of retribution" is alive and well and it's tearing our country apart.

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