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I often get asked why I pay so much attention to politics given that it’s such an ugly sport. Yes, it’s often painful to watch, but I’m fascinated with how we govern ourselves, and what makes people in power do what they do.

Most politicians seem to care more about political gain and the money that comes with it than the welfare of our nation.

Take for example what an anonymous Republican lawmaker said off the record yesterday regarding the newly opened impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden:

“The debate will be, ‘Which is more damning?’ You know, President Trump has unclassified documents and RICO charges in Georgia. Or your president, your sitting president, can bribe Ukraine, Romania, and China. That will be the debate. That will be the vote.”

Essentially the only motivation was a tit for tat effort to hang the “impeachment” word around Joe Biden’s neck, even when there’s no evidence of wrongdoing.

It’s rare when an elected official actually says out loud what everybody knows.

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Sep 15, 2023

The anonymous Republican who was quoted obviously sees some value in “spinning” the impression of “What is more damning?”

The debate needs to focus on “Are the voters receiving truthful facts in order to cast an informed vote for:

a.) representatives who are demonstrating their complicity in dishonest government by absconding with, and selling classified information, and facing RICO charges?, or

b.) honest representatives who strive to maintain integrity and ethics by avoiding racketeering, theft, bribery and lying?

Unfortunately, there are an abundance of opportunistic, macho power seekers who are willing to pursue coup attempts to pursue power and wealth. They are willing to embrace thuggish tactics that abandon the rule of law, and threaten the livelihoods of honest candidates and civi…


We are being governed by children.

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