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SPILLED MILK....12/15/23

Close to a quarter of all young people under the age of 18 are overweight. Not only do these kids have a greater risk of heart disease and diabetes, it costs our economy around $18 billion each year.

The numbers have been increasing over the years, so when Michelle Obama was First Lady, she decided to try to do something about it by launching a number of initiatives to combat this dangerous trend.

Among them was to help facilitate a rule change to remove whole milk from schools because of its high fat content.

Consumption of milk in schools decreased overall and as a result, dairy farmers went ballistic and have been working since then to overturn the regulations.

They may finally get their way. A bill passed the House on Wednesday to allow high fat milk back into our schools.

By the way, the dairy industry spends over $5 million each year lobbying politicians, while American taxpayers hand dairy farmers around $40 billion a year in subsidies.

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