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TAKE MY HAND....10/13/23

It's becoming more and more obvious that Democrats in the House of Representatives will have to step up and bail out their friends on the other side of the isle since Republicans can't agree among themselves on anyone to lead them.

Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries suggested just that yesterday when he said his side was "ready, able, and willing to do so."

This is the logical approach and I couldn't agree more.

By reaching out to moderates on the other side, Democrats could easily coalesce around a palatable leader with the understanding that power would have to be shared, resulting in a bipartisan government body.

Hardliners on both sides must be emasculated if we are to survive as a democracy and there isn't a more perfect opportunity than right now for real (not fake) patriots to step forward and put the country ahead of know, for a change.

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