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Some Republicans are sore losers - just look at the former president and his sycophants. They practically destroyed our Democracy because they were so sore.

Now we have the Republicans in Wisconsin who command majorities in both houses getting ready to impeach newly elected Supreme Court judge, Janet Protasiewicz because of her positions on redistricting and abortion.

Protasiewicz was elected by an 11% majority earlier this year, a margin that infuriated and stunned GOP officials.

She has yet to hear a single case in her new job, but when (or if) she does, she has the power to shift control back to the Democrats AND prevent a 173 year old anti abortion law from remaining in place, which would legalize the procedure throughout the state.

Protasiewicz isn’t the only one standing before the firing squad. Fani T. Willis, the Democratic prosecutor in Georgia who is charging Trump and others for racketeering, is being threatened for removal as is our sitting president, Joe Biden - all with no evidence of wrongdoing.

This is now one of the many retributive legacies of the Sore-Loser-In-Chief, Donald John Trump.

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