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THE JOY OF WALKING....12/17/23

Updated: Jan 2

Almost every day after reading the news, writing down my thoughts, and sharing some contemplative morning time with my wife, I set out for an hour long power walk.

I don't like gyms, I tried running once but gave up because it was too unpleasant, and I loathe knowing that at my age it's important to keep moving, I walk - fast.

I've been doing it for years, taking with me the cane I made for my late father from an exotic hardwood lumber sticker after he broke his leg.

I don't really depend on it for support but after being bitten by an angry dog during one of my outings, it gives me a bit of confidence if one lunges at me again. Besides I like the way it feels.

My Sunday morning religious experience involves picking up debris along the way, mostly filling a plastic grocery bag each week while wondering what kind of person throws trash out of their vehicle with abandon.

Perhaps I ought to pay more attention to the moment, but my nature is to multi-task so I listen to podcasts or visit with someone on my phone while doing my best to at least acknowledge passersby.

We each have a favorite part of our day.

This is one of mine.

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