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Updated: Jul 27, 2023

If the the founders of our country were certain about one thing, it was that politics and religion do not go well together. They weren't dumb. They were laying the foundation for a new country and had witnessed first hand the destructive force of religion in government and wanted no part in it. They understood very well that there was no single GOD and for people to be fighting each other over who's god was better, well then that republic would fail.

Now here we are. Preachers are literally telling people how to vote from the pulpit. They raise millions of dollars by passing around their fancy brass, felt-bottomed platters while begging for money to help fuel their sleek jets that they use to raise even more cash - all tax free.

Tele-evangelism is a multi-billion dollar industry and since there's no way now to stop religious leaders from political profiteering, then at least we should make them pay.

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